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*sabertooth tiger race.
*medium-sized, long furred, and adapted to live in frigid environments

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There are many sentient races in the Hayven Celestia universe. With only a few exceptions, most planets that support intelligent life only bring about one form of it, and so unless noted each race has exactly one native homeworld. While intelligent life is relatively rare, the galaxy is a very big place and has been explored for a very long time and so possesses an abundance of examples.


  • Tall (~3m) canid race with long ears and uniformly short, dark fur.
  • Breathes bromide compounds. Can have skin contact with oxygen-nitrogen environments without issue.
  • Culture
    • Find it very impolite (overly intimate) to use hands in direct reference to others, including touching, pointing, or making gestures. Instead, they use rods for such actions.
    • Anup rods are plated with a highly conductive gold alloy and are heavily personalized; since the computer age they encode their rods with a digital signature in lieu of using a handprint or other method of identification.



  • Medium-sized (~1.7m) felid race.


  • Geroo Religion and Lore
  • Strands
    • Communicators/computer terminals/wallets worn in a holster on the left bicep (typically).
    • The geroo call their communicators strands because the connectedness they feel "weaves the people into a tapestry."
    • When sitting down with friends, geroo consider it polite to remove their strands and set them face down on the table to indicate "you have my full attention."
  • Currency - Credits (written ₢5 to indicate five credits) are stored electronically on their strands. Geroo transfer money from one strand to another by tapping them together.


  • sabertooth tiger race.
  • medium-sized, long furred, and adapted to live in frigid environments


  • Small-sized (~1.2m - 1.5m) vulpine race.
  • Language consists of sign language. Chirps and chitters are used to modify the meaning of certain signs.
    • Hekiru can be taught to speak.


  • "Tree squirrel" sapient species.


  • Absolutely enormous (~12m to shoulder, ~36m to tail) reptilian race that walks on all fours known for being resilient, intelligent, and very very long-lived.
  • The krakun unit of currency is a gold (golds, plural)


  • Tall (~2.2m) leonine race that grows famously long manes.



  • "Flying squirrel" sapient species.


  • Short (~1.5m) procyonid race with long ringed tails.



  • Mysterious saurian race known largely by reputation, enemy of the krakun


  • canine race standing around 1-2 meters in height.
  • Wear masks to conceal faces as a cultural religious tradition, those without masks are seen as outcasts or slaves.
  • Worship a goddess named Alamanotl, there are smaller children gods of hers which are also revered such as Shino (Wisdom) and Shaolyotl.