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The Haske is a sapient "sabertooth tiger" species native to Hasketec.

  • Created by Fenrir Black


  • Their appearance is felid with long curved fangs that protrude from either the top or bottom of the jaw depending on genetics. The fangs like the rest of the teeth can regrow when lost or broken several times over the course of the haske lifespan. (If a fang is broken the entire tooth must be removed for a new one to regrow.)
  • Avg Height 1.8 - 2 meters
  • Fur colors vary from shades of gray, black, white, and in rare cases brown to light orange.
  • Stubby tails.
  • Short round ears.
  • The haske's long scruff hangs from the back their neck and can be used either as a hood or pouch. It takes one year for a scruff to grow long enough to be pulled over a haske's head.



  • Language: Haskesh.


  • Haske are given "birthstones" made of adamant at the time of their birth and will wear them around their necks until they choose a mate. At that time the birthstones are melted down into two separate stones where one is exchanged with the chosen haske. From there the two stones are braided together symbolizing the eternal union.
  • Haske will break their own fangs as acts of religious practice, mourning, remembrance, etc.
  • Haske will wear their scruffs as acts of religious practices, mourning, or to protect from the weather.
  • Haske sit and sleep on the floor as furniture is rare.
  • Haske create large wooden sculptures and familial poles as symbols of their beliefs and desires.


  • Haske worship a being called Revoake which is depicted as a great warrior who rides atop a golden bird each day chasing the sun across the sky along with his clan of gods and the strongest haske. Each night they reside in the palace upon the stars where the souls of the dead reside awaiting to ride alongside him.
  • Kyndell is a god in the form of an aquatic monster that once did battle with Revoake only to lose and be banished to the deepest parts of the ocean. The legend says that Kyndell's final act was trying to drag Revoake with him but Revoake cut off his own tail to escape.
  • After death, a Haske will either be burned so their soul can rise into the sky to reside with Revoake or be sunk to the bottom of the ocean to forever belong to Kyndell.


Due to the limited livable space on Hasketec, 99% of the population resides in the equator of the planet. Most villages and towns are found in "hotspots" where the underground magma warms the land year round.


  • Haske are carnivores. Their diet is mostly made of birds that are raised or animals that are hunted in the frozen wilds. Fishing is custom in coastal areas as well as ice fishing in the more northern territories.
  • Sweet fruits are a delicacy added to drinks such as tea & water.


  • Adolescence — 17 KY
  • Avg Death Age — 60 KY