From Hayven Celestia

Coosa Culture

Coosa have a high regard for nature, trees especially, and before the arrival of the krakun, much of Coosatec was still untouched despite the presence of coosa civilization. Many coosa live in arboreal villages, others live in cliff-like citadels of stone, though the use and impact on nature was always considered to be a high priority (as coosa prefer trees to open plains to begin with). Even after the advent of krakun technology there is still a high preference to employ natural energy and clockwork machinery (to the annoyance of their krakun overlords, as it is hard to insert spyware into such devices). With this in mind it is common for coosa to have names in some way based around nature.

The oral history passed down by midwives among the coosa was that the thickness of one’s mask determines the longevity of one’s life. Some even believe the larger or darker colored the mask the more energy of life force in general a coosa may have.

Coosa in general tend to be quite jovial, enjoying dancing, singing, and sharing in experiences with others.

Traditional Farewells

The coosa are known to have traditional farewells. A coosa will clasp their paw around the forearm of another, offering them a farewell based on what they wish that person to have happen. These are often nature based in some way. Several examples include:

  • "May a breeze of fortune sway you."
  • "May a babbling brook spark joy within you.”
  • "May bending branches offer you fine rest.”
  • “May the shining stars guide you through any troubles.”
  • "May foraging cross our paths once more."

These do not necessarily have to be positive however, if a coosa is angry they may use a farewell far more ominous like 'May sharp stones litter your path' but this is highly unorthodox if almost unheard of at all. Coosa will usually only use these farewells with others of their kind.

Barre Ball

Barre Ball was originally a traditional sport for children played on Coosatec. A ball would be bounced along trees until it could make its way through chosen forks in branches to score points. These games would take place in random forested areas making the trees to bounce off change each time.

Modern day Barre Ball is more standardized. It has formations similar to a hockey rink. Posts replace the trees of the traditional game, but are named after several found on the planet. At the end of each court stands two poles called The Fork. A ball must bounce before entering the fork to count for a point. Located diagonally from the goal on each end of the court are The Willows. The center post is called The Pine.

Teams consist of six players each, one center, two wings, two defense, and one goalie. Games are played to ten points. Each team dips the tip of their tails in dye to distinguish teams. The dyes colored blue, red, green, and white, represent the north, south, east, and west respectively. Barre Ball is a popular diversion on Worlds Defense Fleet ships as there is little other recreation available.

Coosa As Pilots

Coosa are highly physically resistant, not through toughness but through body flexibility. Organs and even bones are more liable to give way and squash out of shape on blunt impact rather than break or shatter. This lends to their arboreal nature as they're much more comfortable around heights that would kill other creatures.

Their increased resistance to G Forces makes for them to be excellent pilots. The Worlds Defense Fleet has maintained large stores of coosa to use on anti-insurgency attack ships for the purpose of fighting off Lio forces. If a coosa attempts to escape or change sides, their ship self destructs killing them instantly.