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Gert describes the language spoken by the pirates in Final Days Book 1 as "ringelese standard".

The normal word order is Verb Subject Object (VSO). Questions will change the word order, as the topic in question (or any query words) will immediately come to the front of the sentence, leaving a gap (or referential pronoun if the question is long enough) where it would have gone in a declarative statement.

Standard construction of speech parts:

[main verb][auxiliary verb][adverb]

[ordinal number, amount or measure][noun][other adjective][adverb]

Unsorted References

  • Coded message in Final Days Book 1, Chapter 1
“Abeichi-aru sahlg arahbe Finan Dohuo Chyo...” Gert pronounced his own words back to himself.
  • abeichi-aru
- Formal greeting, imperative verb, like salutations or informally attention. Ringel don't typically distinguish between a formal gesture and an informal one.
  • sahlg arahbe
- Captain of a ship.
  • finan
- Second, ordinal form. Number adjectives precede the noun.
  • dohuo
- Flower, genitive case (of the flower)
  • chyo
- White, adjective in genitive case agreeing with preceding noun. Most adjectives come after the noun.
  • Doctor's words from Chapter 5
“Arakshet ushu audei,” the old ringel doctor said to Inzari, pointing toward Ateri as he had his back turned.
  • arakshet
- A skin condition similar to mange, can generically refer to several skin conditions
  • ushu
- Have, possess. 3rd person singular.
  • audei
- Auxiliary verb similar to "does" (yes, even though in English 'have' is the auxiliary verb, that's not the case here), used to modify the tense/mode of verbs. The particular person is not specifically inflected in the verb/auxiliary but can be omitted anyhow.
  • Sinon's verbal tick
  • ne?
- Placed at the end of a question rather than the beginning, essentially asking "correct?" after a statement.