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The krakun are an ancient race of huge, long-lived, quadrupedal, reptiles. The krakun rule the Krakun Empire, which is a number of home worlds, colony worlds, and subjugated worlds.


Krakun walk quadrupedally and stand 12m at the shoulder. When seated on their haunches, they use their large dexterous hands (called claws) to manipulate objects. They refer to their individual fingers as talons. They can live up to 12,000 years. The krakun can survive for extended periods in many inhospitable atmospheric mixes, and can even tolerate hard vacuum for short periods of time, but their preferred air mixture is heavy with sulfuric compounds.

The lower set of "horns" on their head are not really horns at all, but tympanums used for hearing. These do not process sound waves; they simply transmit them to the inner parts of the krakun's ear, which is protected from the entry of water and other foreign objects.

Home World

Krakuntec Prime


Although capable of creating robots and artificial intelligences, the krakun prefer to delegate undesirable jobs to slaves. They have great faith in their ability to control slave races through intimidation (often by placing their slaves in a situation where they can all be culled by shutting off power to an air processor or Trinity gate) whereas they worry that synthetic intelligence can always be hacked and turned against them.

Planetary Acquisitions, Inc.

Planetary Acquisitions, Inc. is a major krakun corporation that uses slaves to search the galaxy for resources, civilizations that can be enslaved, and planets that can be terraformed.

Social Structure