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A male katakori (left) and a female polatosha (right).

A polatosha is a sapient "flying squirrel" species native to Txinxlurra.

Origins of the name

  • Created by J. N. Squire.
  • "polatosha" is inspired from the French word polatouche. It's a name used for 3 species of flying squirrels.


  • Both alien species share the common trait of a special bone structure that make them lighter but less likely to break something after a fall or a bad landing (specific molecular structure, possibly some carbonXcalcium strong polymer?).
  • Adults are usually at least 2 meters tall. Their body structure is made to be aerodynamic. No size difference between male and female.
  • Have glide-glaps that allow them to glide from trees to trees.
  • Very varied fur colors (red, brown, fulvous, cream, tan, copper, black, sometimes natural blue bellyfur to blend with the sky, etc.)
  • Long ear tufts (like European squirrels).



  • Can speak multiple languages.
  • Speak at least Siuri, a language also spoken by their twin sapient species, the katakori.


  • Tooth-carved sticks.



Polatosha are particularily adapted to forested lands. Their fur is adapated from temperate (poles) to warm (lower latitudes) temperatures from their homeworld.


Polatosha are omnivorous. Their diet is mostly made of vegetables like fruits and nuts. For animal protein intakes, they can also eat eggs and small water animals.


Most of the polatosha inhabits the Unity. They share their homeworld with the katakori, the other sapient species originating from the planet.