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Txinxlurra (in krakun, Txinxtec Prime) is a planet located in the Unity.

Name and etymology

  • Created by J. N. Squire.
  • "Txinxlurra" is inspired from the Basque words urtxinxa and Lurra. It litterally means "Squirrel's Earth".

Physical characteristics

  • Gravity : 0.95 G
  • Average surface temperature: +22 °C (Earth: +15 °C)
  • No permanent ice

Orbit and rotation


The planet has a biosphere.

Natives geography

  • Two (somewhat related) species cohabiting on the same planet, and that haven't killed each other : the katakori and the polatosha.
  • Have cities that looks like forests.


  • Colonized moon.

Asteroids and artificial satellites

  • The locals have "harnessed" a few asteroids and turned them into space stations and for mining.
  • Has artificial satellites orbiting around too.

Cultural and historical viewpoint

Homeworld of two sapient species, it's seen as a very important world for them.