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Rick Griffin

  • "Ten Thousand Miles Up" - The original short story. Please note that Final Days of the White Flower II, currently in the writing process, will cover this story as well and will contain spoilers.

Gre7g Luterman

  • Skeleton Crew - When Kanti's secrets are revealed, he ends up running for his life from Commissioner Sarsuk. But on a spaceship such as the White Flower II there's simply nowhere to hide.
  • Small World - Kanti, presumed dead from his misadventures with the commissioner, is railroaded into joining his new mate, Tish, and forty-eight other crew members as they journey down to Krakuntec Prime to act as the commissioner's personal cleaning crew. But even living right under the snout of the being who hates him most is a trivial problem compared to conflicts both within the new crew and without.
  • Fair Trade (coming winter 2018)
  • [/ Reaper's Lottery] (coming soon) - Tori's best friend Kaz has been accused of murder, and after the most cursory of trials, she is sentenced to death. Now Tori needs proof of her innocence, but how does one prove such a thing without any forensic science?