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Ten Thousand Miles Up


The original short story by Rick Griffin. This version of the story is now considered depreciated insofar as the setting is concerned. This story is being retold in Final Days of the White Flower II.

  • "Ten Thousand Miles Up" - Deep in space, the gateship White Flower II encounters pirates who offer Captain Ateri a way out of his slavery: steal the planetary terraformer from their masters. But is this really the best Ateri can hope for?

The Kanti Cycle

The first trilogy, by Gre7g Luterman, following gateship employee Kanti and his troubled life.

  • Skeleton Crew - When Kanti's secrets are revealed, he ends up running for his life from Commissioner Sarsuk. But on a spaceship such as the White Flower II there's simply nowhere to hide.
  • Small World - Kanti, presumed dead from his misadventures with the commissioner, is railroaded into joining his new mate, Tish, and forty-eight other crew members as they journey down to Krakuntec Prime to act as the commissioner's personal cleaning crew. But even living right under the snout of the being who hates him most is a trivial problem compared to conflicts both within the new crew and without.
  • Fair Trade - Kanti now finds out there was a whole other world behind the walls of the krakun apartment building, lorded over by a species known as the sourang. He once again finds himself in a life of servitude, this time separated from the ones he loves. But he's not going to quit--not yet, not when his family needs him.

Final Days of the White Flower II

The retelling/reimagining of Ten Thousand Miles Up by Rick Griffin.

  • Traitors, Thieves and Liars follows Subcommander Gert, next in line to be captain of the White Flower II, a krakun slave ship served by geroo. The ship is waylaid by pirates who have a very interesting and dangerous offer, which Captain Ateri cannot simply ignore.
  • The Captain's Oath follows Subcommander Tesko, science officer of the White Flower II, as she discovers the conspiracy the captain has embroiled them all in. She is at first very enthusiastic about the prospect of escape from their slavery, but things quickly take a turn for the worse.
  • Chain Unbroken coming soon!

Tori Mysteries

A mystery series by Gre7g Luterman.

  • Reaper's Lottery - Tori's best friend Kaz has been accused of murder, and after the most cursory of trials, she is sentenced to death. Now Tori needs proof of her innocence, but how does one prove such a thing without any forensic science?
  • Executioner's Gambit coming soon!


  • Tales of Hayven Celestia is an anthology containing 13 stories from all over the Hayven Celestia universe. There is a wide selection of stories and characters here, ranging from romantic, heroic, heartbreaking and terrifying.


  • Skinchange by Rick Griffin, Qualzar and Jonas -- Rakham Yrrare is on the run and needs some help from a pilot he's hired--but who is after him and what do they really want?


  • Under One Sky by Millerdark, Rick Griffin, Gre7g Luterman, VoidQuail, Jonas, Federick, and ArcadeDragon - a Sci-fi Visual Novel following Sera, a hotshot pilot and the planet's best defense against the evil Krakun empire. But you can't do it alone. An adventure this dangerous is gonna require the cooperation of both friend... and foe.

Adult Works

  • Long Way Home by Gre7g Luterman - Jungo couldn't pass up the opportunity to become an astronaut, even though his first mission would take him years to complete. Well, it turns out he got a lot more than he bargained for, as a nine-year mission ends up taking much, much longer.