Anthology1 WIPs

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WIPs for Anthology1

Name Contact WIPs Status
Gre7g Luterman



The Castaway draft complete

seeking feedback

The Next Life draft complete

seeking feedback

Robert Carter


The Price of Compassion draft complete

seeking feedback

Tyrell Gephardt



Ringel Pirate Rescue Short Ouline, draft in progress
R. Desmond


Caelum Raintree


Kyacoatl Race WIP

Kyacoatl story, WIP

Rick Griffin


Discord @rickgriffin#8799

Life in the Stacks First pass rough draft
Jacob Pegues Outline: Lio War Story

Draft: Lio War Story Draft

About 5/6ths way through the outline.

1/3rd the way through draft.

Jared Ainsworth

Iron Echo

Complete, minor revisions in progress

Feedback Appreciated