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seeking feedback
seeking feedback
|[https://docs.google.com/document/d/19han3T0BitF9fxqyqixSf2jyFXtKQZ4kbvsScSelUhA/edit?usp=sharing Auction House]
|[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oqolo4VI3xLulHVSOX0lHhc7AUusGUf3ZUx2Py898EM/edit?usp=sharing Auction House]
|early WIP
|early WIP

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WIPs for Anthology1

Name Contact WIPs Status
Gre7g Luterman gre7g.luterman@gmail.com



Untitled Kyacaotl Short draft complete

seeking feedback

Auction House early WIP
Robert Carter grimwolf@gmail.com

Twitter @FamishedDragon

The Price of Compassion 2/3rd of story drafted
Tyrell Gephardt tygepc@gmail.com



Ringel Pirate Rescue Short
R. Desmond rhino4009@gmail.com


Caelum Raintree caelum.raintree@gmail.com

Twitter @SkytheAnnur

Kyacoatl Race WIP

Kyacoatl story, WIP

Rick Griffin rickpgriffin@gmail.com

Twitter @RicksWriting

Discord @rickgriffin#8799

Life in the Stacks First pass rough draft
Jacob Pegues jacobpegues359@gmail.com

Lio War Story

About 2/3rds way through the outline
Jared Ainsworth umoja172@hotmail.com

Iron Echo

Editing, Feedback Appreciated