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Tales of Hayven Celestia

Call for Submissions

Attention authors and artists! Rick Griffin is planning to publish an anthology set in his Hayven Celestia (HC) universe and wants you to submit your creations for inclusion in this book.

The Hayven Celestia (HC) is a shared universe created by Rick Griffin and Gre7g Luterman. Though the universe features vast empires and amazing technologies, the stories set in HC tend to be about the slaves and underdogs that unwillingly prop those empires up with their labor.

Ideally, story submissions should be in the 3k-18k range. If you would like to submit a shorter or longer story, please inquire first. Accepted submissions will pay out 0.5¢/word on publication.

Art submissions should be either full-bleed, full-page spreads or full-bleed two-page spreads. Please consult the artwork layout templates first before you create your masterpiece! Accepted submissions will pay out $20.00 on publication.

Multiple submissions are allowed so long as the number of submissions is kept reasonable—like three, please, not ten. Send in your best, not everything you've ever produced.

Each contributor will receive one contributor copy, but you may purchase additional advance copies for a reduced price and resell them.

Stories and artwork should be set in the HC and feature the races it contains. You may add your own race or races to the universe, but their design and depiction will need to "feel" consistent with the rest of the HC. Readers are unlikely to believe that a race of stone-skinned, clothes-wearing wizards belong in the HC, for example. If in doubt, please inquire first.

Crossing over existing characters from other universes is acceptable if you have rights to use the character and if the character's race is—or can be made—generally compatible with the other races of the HC, but you must treat the character as if it were a new HC character. If your writing presumes that the reader already knows your character's history or backstory, your submission will get rejected.

You may submit reprints (or older stories/art that have been retooled to fit in the HC), however your submission must not be available in its entirety from the submission date through one year after the book's publication (presuming it is accepted). In other words, if your story is currently available in a print-on-demand book, then it is not eligible for submission. If it is available in a story archive or online gallery, then you will need to take it down before submission and not put it back up until you are either rejected or the HC anthology has been in print for a year. If accepted, you will be able post teasers of your submission to help us build interest in the anthology, but the schedule for when and how much will be hammered out later.

The anthology will be targeted at an adult audience, so adult themes and situations are welcome, but it will not include any erotica, porn, fetish material, or generally objectionable content. Your characters may suffer during the course of your story, for example, but if the writing seems to be targeted for the enjoyment of sadists, it will be rejected.

As a shared universe, you may include existing HC characters into your submitted stories, provided that you can do it respectfully and in a manner consistent with how the character has been portrayed in previous stories. Ateri, for example, is a brave starship captain who will make any sacrifice to ensure the survival of his crew. If your story is about a maniacal tyrant of a captain, don't name him Ateri. Make up your own character. You will maintain copyright to your creations, but by joining this shared universe you will be allowing other creators to use your characters too—again, so long as they do so in a consistent and respectful way.

Note this doesn't mean you have to accept other authors' creations as canon. If one author writes about Ateri's death and another writes further adventures for him, so be it.

Submission deadline is October 15th, 2019, acceptances/rejections should be out by December 15th, 2019, and my goal is to have the book published by February 15th, 2020.

Submission Form: HC Anthology1 Submission Form

Inquiries Only:

Setting Bible

This is still a work in progress, as is the Hayven Celestia wiki in general, but there's a few dos and do nots when it comes to writing in the Hayven Celestia universe:

  • The "story" of the universe is the huge, centuries-spanning galactic war between the lio and the krakun, as well as the turek and potentially other lesser-known species. The intent, however, is not to focus on this war; to the vast majority of the universe the war is a very far-away thing and they're all just suffering (or profiting) from the fallout.
  • This is not Star Trek. There's no federation of good guys exploring just for the fun of science and discovery. Utopias do not exist even if they are yearned for. The majority of stories published thus far are of characters simply striving for a better life. This is not a requirement but it is the shape of the kinds of stories this universe prefers.
  • Hayven Celestia is intended as semi-hard science fiction. Certain fantastic technologies are considered mundane, even if such technologies cannot be accessed by everyone. If you introduce a technology, it must be reasonable that this technology is adopted everywhere it would be useful, or else has reasons it cannot. For instance, the sourang DNA-altering formula would be life-changing were it to be pursued and studied, but it cannot because the sourang are living largely ignored under the krakun shadow.
  • It is not intended as strict hard science fiction, however. So long as you can weave sufficient justifications for your technology that make sense story-wise and universe-wise, it is considered suitable. Send inquiries if you believe you may have an edge case.
  • FTL travel is ONLY possible through gates and wormholes. Without this bottleneck, the nature of the galaxy would change radically, and so it is required. Most interstellar drives still use space-folding technology so you can feel free to ignore effects of relativity due to long travel.
  • Certain other technologies are also off the table or at least not widely employed and must be strongly justified for use in a limited manner only: Mind control, telepathy, teleportation, instantaneous matter replication, instantaneous healing, resurrection, time travel, universal translation
  • Certain technologies are definitely already present and prolific (if sometimes prohibitively expensive depending on your characters' status/venue), so be sure to account for their existence: Deep space travel, artificial gravity, space elevators, cloaking, cloning, AI, extremely high energy generation, disintegration, energy weaponry.
  • Even when depicting high-end technology, it is encouraged to not gloss over the messy, complex in-between steps where work is really done. You don't have matter replication to create food for you out of nothing, you have farms and kitchens and industry.
  • Themes of faith and spirituality are encouraged, but not concrete incarnations of angels, demons, gods or magic except as myth and folklore (or via some other twist).


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