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Kyacaotl ref sheet
Tinasca from 'Castaway' (Tales of Hayven Celestia - 2019)

Brief Summary

Kyacaotl (race nickname 'kya') are a canine race standing around 1-2 meters in height. They wear masks to conceal their faces as a cultural and religious tradition. Those without masks are seen as outcasts or slaves.


The kyacoatl were discovered by the krakun, using geroo species as a contact point. At the time of first contact (being the first time the geroo discretely landed on the planet), kyacoatl had technology such as electricity, radio communication, and television available, as well as wireless phones. Basic knowledge of radiation and dangers thereof are known publicly. Solar panels are in production enough to rig for domestic use.

Kyacoatl canonically used 'phone' in the story 'Castaway' (in Tales of Hayven Celestia anthology 2019)


Oxygen with chlorine compounds that affect the health of long-term survivability for native oxygen breathers. A sodium plate can be installed in the face or muzzle to react with the chlorine proactively. This results in a persistent and strong salty taste when drinking, eating and breathing.


  • Worship a goddess named Alamanotl, there are smaller children gods of hers who are also revered such as Shino (Wisdom) and Shaolyotl.


Karakorum - dialect of kyacaotl. Eastern Steppe - Main language.

Author Submissions

Caelum created the species and setting for the anthology (2019) Gre7g Luterman wrote 'Castaway', published in the same anthology