From Hayven Celestia

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Essentially Anthro Hyenas Little bigger than geroo-1.6 to 2.1 m tall.

Generally weak- not strong immune system, very susceptible to sickness, and therefore not popular as slaves

However, their culture puts immense stress on caring for others, not because of honor, or loyalty, but just because it’s the right thing to do to help others out.

Come from a very loosely organized, but highly advanced society that was easily taken over by the krakun, simply because the Fisi had no need for weapons, and therefore they didn’t have any.

They have very large voice boxes, which allows them to do many things with their voices that are impossible for other species- this includes shouting at almost 100Db, and the average fisi having at least a four octave vocal range, which is often taken advantage of in their music, which is almost impossible for any other species to sing.

The Fisi are an exceptionally kind people, and they viewed their enslavement like no other species in the galaxy. They almost unanimously saw this unfortunate surcumstance as an enormous opportunity to help massive amounts of people.