Cultural Items and Terms

From Hayven Celestia

Note, for some terms it's okay for the viewpoint character to refer to another species' similar thing with their own term.

child coffee, or caffeine-equivalent source language (optional) smartphone
Anup pup anupian
Geordian kit or kitten geordian strand?
Geroo cub kevvia (Gerootec native plant, eaten like sugarcane)

javea (where is this from? Only geroo seen drinking it)

geroonic strand
Krakun hatchling, whelp blackmead krakunese mobile com
Lio cub lionese
Mysa kitten
Ringel kit ringelese communicator
Sourang pup

Standards Terminology

administrative cabinet timekeeping name of lio homeworld
Krakun Empire ___ Authority 24 hour clock, 60 minutes, "0000" at meridian midnight

(This may not be the actual timescale, but is the most common clock usage, so it matches earth time. Diegetic usage would probably be a 60 hour clock)

Lio Empire ___ Department 20 hour clock, 100 minutes, "0:00" at meridian sunrise Costaruna / Free Democratic World of Costaruna / FDWC