Advanced Technologies

From Hayven Celestia

Limitations of Technology

First to describe a number of things technology cannot accomplish in the Hayven Celestia universe: while such means are only theoretically impossible, they have been studied for millennia by, at minimum, krakun scientists, but haven't resulted in additional breakthroughs, so any violations require significant justification.

  • Even with space-folding, it is impossible to pass the lightspeed barrier to any practical purpose, either through relativistic means or otherwise. The only way around this is via wormhole gates that allow instantaneous travel, which must be constructed with both ends in place first.
  • Wormhole gates cannot be built planetside without creating a host of problems, and so require construction in space. They also have a minimum diameter of 500m and are very easy to detect.
  • Besides gates, there are no known methods of instantaneous teleportation.
  • The brain of (most) any intelligent, sapient creature cannot be hacked with any reliability. This means it is impossible to perform "clean brainwashing" where the subject will obey all orders without question, there is no way to reliably copy the brain of any individual beyond superficial skimming (aka no brain uploading to computers or other wetware), and computerized augmentations for the brain (should they exist) are very limited in ability.

The Trinity

None of the trinity technologies are unique to the trinity; however, krakun engineers have discovered multiple ways to implement these technologies, and in in the case of the trinity, make them completely dependent on one another. Since in the trinity, every device must work simultaneously in order to work at all, all gate ships utilize trinity technology in order to make it impossible for their operators to escape.


Gates use large wormholes to connect two specifically defined points in space, with one gate at each end. The wormhole's "frequency" factors into them connecting to one another across the galaxy. Both gates must be powered and operational, otherwise the wormhole evaporates. Do not touch the sides and do not get caught in the middle of a wormhole during shutdown.


Recylcers are very common in the galaxy, though krakun recyclers are perhaps the most efficient, able to dissolve nearly any material to atoms or molecules. The atoms or molecules are then fed into outflow collectors, which can then be used to reconstitute any number of materials. Do not enter the chamber while it is operational.


Drives use space-folding technology to move without gaining velocity/acceleration or running into problems of relativistic speed. However, the effective speed at which this can be accomplished is still well below c--something like .96c is the fastest that drives can operate, and since the ships do not gain real acceleration from drive hopping, this ceiling is due to the frequency that the hops can be performed.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligences are very advanced, to the degree they can think and reason on par with biological life, but have limitations in their scope. In some cultures, these are considered to be living beings. The main downside, and the reason that krakun began a system of slavery as an alternative for menial tasks, is that AIs can be hacked with relative ease--all it takes is another, smarter, faster AI (or a very skilled hacker) to do the job. While this doesn't mean they serve no purpose, they generally cannot be given control of or access to critical systems without risk of opening up those systems to quick sabotage by altering an AI's allegiance.

Medical Technologies

Medical Foam

First aid supplement. Can plug wounds anywhere between small cuts and large gaping holes without causing toxic shock, allows for natural healing to take over or can be used as a stop-gap before assessment and repair by professionals. Application is dry and sets within moments, it flexes with skin and excess material sweeps away easily.