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The Calendar

The calendar used for general reference is the local calendar of Krakuntec Prime. Ignoring variations in relativistic effects, the imperial calendar can be thought of as within 5% of an Earth year (actual amount not yet set). Standard date format is DD-MM-YYYYY KEF (Krakun Empire Foundation). Krakuntec years are forced to be exactly 360 days long, which means that calendar drift, even for Krakuntec Prime, is not uncommon when going by this standard. Most planets will operate by a local calendar, but for translation purposes most species ages are given in KY.

The Present

"The present" is somewhat nebulous in a series that takes place over several decades, but for reference, the year in which The Final Days of the White Flower II occurs is 21568 KEF. Most stories are plus or minus a hundred years around this point. Most points of reference are relative to this but are usually only roughly approximated.


  • 400 years ago
    • Gerootec destroyed in a terraforming accident
  • 500 years ago
    • Gerootec discovered by a geordian gateship under command of Planetary Acquisitions.
  • 800 years ago
    • First contact between the krakun and the anup
  • 1200 years ago
    • The official start of the Lio-Krakun War
  • 3000 years ago
    • First contact between the geordians and the krakun, beginning of when gate technology started to spread and the start of the "modern" era of space travel
  • 20,000 years ago
    • The Krakun-AI war