From Hayven Celestia


The Dirembo is a medium sized stringed instrument that is roughly the same size as a human guitar. It has six strings, but there are also five and seven string variants. The strings are tuned starting from the middle, with the lowest string at the center. The strings then alternate sides as they move outward, with the highest string ending as the furthest string from the player.


The Dirembo is a traditional instrument hailing from Gerootec, and has spread across the galaxy as geroo slaves and refugees of the diaspora have integrated into various societies around the galaxy. Though it has only been exposed to the music scene for around four hundred years, the instrument has found a fair amount of popularity in greater Lio Society, with many players who are Lio, Ringel, and many other races.


The universe’s resident music Super-Nerd, Coda, is currently working to develop a standardized tuning system for the Dirembo. The latest update on the progress of this venture can be found at his YouTube channel, here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJrDyYqP6HkGu4xmWoHRA5Q