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|[mailto:byfenrirblack@gmail.com byfenrirblack@gmail.com]  
|[mailto:byfenrirblack@gmail.com byfenrirblack@gmail.com]  
[https://twitter.com/byFenrirBlack @byFenrirBlack]
[https://twitter.com/byFenrirBlack @byFenrirBlack]
|[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g3LJkWtKz74m9KicRJ9sRNR5emL2jZs7WT514Y2D_LQ/edit?usp=sharing Broken of the Backs of Diamonds]
|[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g3LJkWtKz74m9KicRJ9sRNR5emL2jZs7WT514Y2D_LQ/edit?usp=sharing Broken on the Backs of Diamonds]
| Draft Complete.
| Draft Complete.
Seeking feedback.
Seeking feedback.

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WIPs for Anthology1

Name Contact WIPs Status
Gre7g Luterman gre7g.luterman@gmail.com



The Castaway story complete

feedback welcome

The Next Life draft complete

seeking feedback

Robert Carter grimwolf@gmail.com


Discord: @ArcadeDragon#2119

The Price of Compassion draft complete

seeking feedback

Friend for a Day draft complete

seeking feedback

Tyrell Gephardt tygepc@gmail.com



Ringel Pirate Rescue Short Outline, draft in progress
R. Desmond rhino4009@gmail.com



A Home For the Lost - Outline WIP

Caelum Raintree caelum.raintree@gmail.com


Kyacoatl Race WIP

Kyacoatl story, WIP

Rick Griffin rickpgriffin@gmail.com


Discord @rickgriffin#8799

Life in the Stacks First pass rough draft
Jacob Pegues jacobpegues359@gmail.com

Draft: Lio War Story Draft

Done with draft. Seeking feedback.
Jared Ainsworth umoja172@hotmail.com

Iron Echo

Complete, minor revisions in progress

Feedback Appreciated

Elton Glover eglover10@gmail.com

Discord: @kiyofox#1650

Point of View

UPDATE:Revised draft complete. Poem pending.

Seeking feedback.

Phox Sillanpaa phox.sillanpaa@gmail.com


Discord: @PhoxSillanpaa#3809

Cold Brew Second Draft complete

Seeking feedback

How to Die in Krakun Space Draft complete

Seeking feedback

DJ MetalWolf seangrimmwolf@gmail.com


Discord: @SeanWolf#5708

#50 Third Draft complete.

Seeking feedback.

Keevin Childers keevwolfking@gmail.com


A Hearts Divide

The Broken

first drafts in progress.

Seeking feedback

Joel Kreissman zarpaulus@gmail.com @zarpaulus Fresh Meat Outlined, draft in progress.

Seeking feedback.

Fenrir Black byfenrirblack@gmail.com


Broken on the Backs of Diamonds Draft Complete.

Seeking feedback.